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Monday, July 03, 2006

Osmanagichas named Visocica hill the “Pyramid of the Sun”, while two nearby hills, identified from satellite and aerial photography, have been dubbed the “Pyramid of the Moon” and the “Pyramid of the (Bosnian) Dragon” (and another two, one named the “Pyramid of the Earth”, have been mentioned in reports). Newspaper reports have quoted Osmanagić as claiming that they were constructed by ancient Illyrian inhabitants of the Balkans as early as 12000 BCE. But in an interview with Philip Coppens in Nexus (April-May 2006), Osmanagic attempted to clarify his previous statements, stating he was misquoted: he does claim that they were most likely constructed by the Illyrians, who lived in the area from 12,000 BCE to 500 BCE, and that the pyramid was therefore most likely constructed between those two dates – not in 12,000 BCE. In an interview with Vesna Peric Zimonjic, appearing in the Belgian newspaper De Morgen, he refused to date the structures:
“We have not yet found organic remains, bones, wood or coal. Such analysis will help us to date the structures.”
Nevertheless, on the Bosnian pyramid website, he is quoted as saying:
“The following year, 2007, will be marked by the astonishment of the world public how such colossal monuments could have been made before the end of the last Ice age.”
and also
“Regarding the age, there is more and more evidence that the main pyramid complex were built right before the end of the last Ice age, indicating that there was world wide plan for building these monuments.”
However, a report by his team, made in November last year after some initial diggings – therefore six months before the statement that no bones have been found – says:
“However, in the second (II) sequence of sandstone plates at the right hand side of the probing well we found two plates one over another at the angle of approximately 25 degrees. Between those two plates there was clay marl and a human skeleton in it. The skeleton was not complete. It consisted of a left leg bones and fractions of a skull placed in the area of pelvis. All sandstone plates in the III sequence were paved one over another under the same angle as it was done in the II sequence. In the II sequence of plates remains of a human skeleton were found again. The remains of this skeleton were photographed by an archaeologist and its orientation was defined. Then they were packed and sent to analysis in order to determine how old they were.”
Currently Osmanagić states the excavation has produced evidence of building blocks one metre below the surface of the hill, as well as tunnels. Earlier geological work has also indicated that human activity had shaped the hill. Additionally Osmanagić has found tunnels in the hillside which he interprets as ventilation shafts. He plans to date the tunnels by analysis of stalactites found within them.
Osmanagić believes his discoveries around Visoko will have further implications for world prehistory. By comparing the varying heights of the tallest pyramids in Mexico and Egypt with Visočica hill, he concluded that the pyramids may all have been built by the same people(s), with the Bosnian Pyramid being the last to be built. However, upon further thought he has decided that this dating mechanism may not be reliable and has now announced Visočica hill could be “The mother of all Pyramids”, a claim he says would be corroborated by the existence of sacred geometry and further numerological study of messages left in the pyramid for future generations.
Osmanagić estimates that the Sun pyramid stands 722 feet (220m) high (or, depending upon the report, either 230 feet (70m) high or 328 feet (100m) high). If it is 722 feet, it would be one third taller than the Great Pyramid of Giza, making it the largest pyramidal structure on Earth.

pored seada i nihada o meni se brinu još Stariša, alias Bob Guchone, Luka Perović, Stariša, MELINA KAMERIĆ, DMAJA (dopisnica iz Austro-ugarske monarhije),Žaklina E. KENEDY (ekspertica za Italiju i dopisnik iz Australije na privremenom radu u Sarajevu, povremeno Šoba nešto sroči svima, a mi objavimo, Blecker-Decker, nešto se jednostavno prepiše, a nešto objavi uz odobrenje eminentnih autora rasprostranjenih širom planete...

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  1. I've read an interesting article on
    about the corners of the pyramid. It would be an easy way to proof
    quickly the existence, but they dig near the corners but not the
    corners. Then they've dug something on the top of it, but not the
    top!? I've seen some pictures on that really let me think again about
    this whole thing. Every day I believe less in this mystery.