Grace Fegan: Questions regarding Bosnian pyramid

Date: Mon, 8 May 2006 20:17:46 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Re: Questions regarding Bosnian pyramid
Dear (*izbrisano*)
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to clarify,
once more, my position with regard to this project.
I have been a professional archaeologist since 1998
and am currently working for a private consultancy in
Ireland. In the course of considering summer
volunteer positions on various European excavations I
contacted, among others, Mr Osmanagich. I found his
contact details on the Archaeological Institute of
America website.
Mr Osmanagich later replied that he may be in a
position to offer me a paid staff position, requiring
my presence on site for up to six months. I informed
him that I would need to consider this very carefully
as I am in full-time employment and would find it
difficult to take such extended leave. Mr Osmanagich
said he would contact me with a definitive offer and
also forwarded some information regarding the site.

The information came in the form of two reports, one
was a ‘geophysical survey report’ (it was unlike any
geophysical report I had ever seen) and the other was
a ‘geological report’ (ditto). Having looked through
this information it became clear that this project was
dubious at best. I did some searching on the web and
realised that Mr Osmanagich had no affiliations to any
academic body, and was not a qualified archaeologist.

My mistake at this point was not emailing him
immediately to inform him that I would not be taking

Before I knew it an article had appeared in an Irish
newspaper, stating that I was going to be taking part
in this Bosnian pyramid project. The article stated
that I had excavated Newgrange and described me as an
’eminent Irish archaeologist’. Just to clear things
up – Newgrange had been excavated to a satisfactory
degree before I had even graduated from my B.A., and
although I'm doing well in my career at the moment, I
would certainly not describe myself as eminent (at
best, I would like to think that my eminence is
imminent, he he).
I also received phone calls from two British
journalists enquiring as to the nature of my
involvement in the project. These gentlemen were kind
enough to inform me that I was listed on the project
website as being one of the ‘foreign experts’ taking
part. When I logged on to the website I found that I
was listed as Senior Archaeologist, Kilkenny (I am the
senior archaeologist for the firm in which I work, but
not for the entire county of Kilkenny!). Most
worrying of all was a link through which people could
supposedly contact me. When I clicked on it an email
address came up of which I had no previous knowledge
and to which I had no access.
Needless to say, I found this pretty unsettling.
Mr Osmanagich used my name in connection with his
project when he had no right to do so. He also seems
to have made every attempt to make me into something
that I am not. In addition he potentially misled
those who visited the website that they could contact
me, and that whatever responses they would receive
would be from me.
With regard to the excavations taking place on the
‘Bosnian Pyramid’ site, I would be very surprised if
at the end of the season Mr Osmanagich throws up his
hands having failed to find definitive evidence
supporting his argument. No matter what is there he
will find what he is looking for. That is what
happens when a site is not excavated by
archaeologists, but glory hunters.
Kindest Regards
Grace Fegan

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