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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
What will be left?
“And if it's not a pyramid, then we make one.”, said a man from Visoko after we asked him what he thinks of the pyramid shaped hill.

It’s about time for really good news, finally, coming out of a country, that went through one of the most devastating wars in the second half of the 20th century. Many people have lost their lives and an entire country the faith in ever living with dignity again. Over 600.000 landmines are spread all across Bosnia-Herzegovina and the task of disarming them is about as daunting and equally difficult as the Bosnian peoples search for a better future.

When people return home from long journeys, they bring back little gifts for their families and friends. And Semir Osmanagic, after having spent the last 15 years researching ancient civilizations and pyramids all around the world, brought back home something very special. Not only he might have discovered a pyramid in Bosnia, which in itself is a symbol for energy, he also brought with him the very essence of life. Hope – for the people of Bosnia – and hope for the entire planet.

Civilisations are fragile objects. Often, when they reach their highest point, they fail. Even our own civilisation, over the course of the last few centuries, was many times on the verge to forever disappear from the face of this planet. The discovery of a pyramid built a long time ago, should remind us of the fragile status of our own civilisation. With discoveries like these, comes responsibility. The planet belongs to us all and we all belong to the planet. Civilisations come and go, technology advances and regresses, and people still lose the focus on things that really matter by feeding their egos with superficial desires. We need to finally ‘learn to learn’ from history, world history that is. Think about it – the average CD-Rom lasts a few dozen years, modern concrete lasts a few hundred years at best.

What will be left from our culture for future civilisations to discover?

Text by Robert Huttinger and Hutan Vahdani

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