VISOKO NEWS: Semir Osmanagic has stated that the bosnian pyramid is official now

(photo: Visoko photoshop activitys)

Article says that Semir Osmanagic has stated that the bosnian pyramid is official now, and that in fact there is a pyramid of the sun underneath the soil. They have dug out large areas on the West, East and North part and found the same exact rock structure on each side. Rock's they found weight from 5-30 tons each and are identical to rocks used on the egyptian and mexican pyramids. All types of satellite images and researches claim that there are three pyramid in the area the Sun, Moon and Dragon pyramids. People who were signing petitions to stop the digging have now admited that they were wrong. People claimed that Semir Osmanagic was destoying old graves and ancient sites but Mirko Babić a archaeologist who visited the area said nothing is being covered up here, there is nothing being destroyed and he fully supports the project. The Bosnian pyramid of the sun foundation is calling upon all bosnians to unit and take this project very seriously.

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