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Say NO to Masonic Bosnia!

Local warlords are undertaking an unprecedented con in the town of Visoko near Sarajevo, Bosnia. In doing so, they are endangering numerous archaeological sites dated back to Neolith as well as some of the possible first traces of human race in Europe.

The unprecedented, uncritical media coverage of this event, provided primarily by government-ran media such as BBC, CBC, Reuters and Fox, serves the purpose of diverging the Bosnian public's attention to making bogus “world history” instead of focusing on the current critical events (B-H Constitution – April 25; Hague trial – closing May 9; Montenegro independence – referendum May 15; Kosovo independence – negotiations ongoing). See more on this on our English Web site:… .

No domestic or foreign scientist supports the existence of the “pyramids”. According to the independent polls by IFIMES institute, two thirds of Bosnians are firmly against the imposed Constitution. Catholic Church and His Holiness the Pope Benedict XVI himself are strongly against, as well.

The domestic informal group includes corrupted wartime politicians, some of which advise to the Bosnia’s Prime Minister, while others fill seats in the Parliament of Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as perform other high-profile governmental duties. There are strong indicators that the group has decided to support a project aimed at turning Bosnia’s common-shaped hills into – ancient pyramids!

While publicly expressing their support for Bosnia joining the European integration processes, these politicians practically do all in their power to stop the progress and to smother civilization values in Bosnia, as well as to fill their own pockets already hardened by estimated $6 billion in stolen foreign aid and donations sent to Bosnia during and after the 1992-1996 war.

The executioner's role was assigned to an amateur explorer of “lost civilizations Atlantis and Mu”. Sam Osmanagich is a construction contractor from Texas who came to the US when the Bosnian war started. He has no education whatsoever in any science.

The claims made by this delusional man (who walks-talks-dresses Indiana Jones style) show his complete disrespect for science and scientific method. For instance, he claims publicly that he alone is going to “change the entire history, and the entire science of the mankind”. One of his particularly amusing public statements was that the pyramids were a way for aliens to communicate! He also said that no shaving razor could ever go used up inside a pyramid…

Recently a foundation was founded, and promptly added to budgets at municipal, canton and state levels. It also received all the government-controlled media support one could imagine. The foundation has obtained all the necessary permits despite the public opposition by renowned scientists and professionals. Against this depravity stands Enver Imamovic, a history professor from the U of Sarajevo, as well as the staff from the National Museum of Bosnia-Herzegovina who publicly called the project – a fraud.

The “project” is happening also in spite of the warnings by world-renowned archaeologists such as Professor Bruce Hitchner from Tufts U, USA, and Professor Blagoje Govedarica of U of Hamburg, Germany, that what this greedy group is after are well-known ancient burial sites!

The amateurish diggs of October 2005 have destroyed numerous Neolithic or pre-Neolithic tombs, while the slabs used originally for paving of the graves were presented to the public as “the walls which build the pyramids”. Several complete human skeletons were dug out, and those appeared only briefly in a media report; soon after they simply vanished from the public eye.

As stated in the Foundation's statute (articles 6 and 7), their intended field of operations is not just the Visoko area, but Bosnia and Herzegovina in general. This is a precedent aimed at smothering civilization values in Bosnia. This could mark the beginning of a “Taliban” era in Bosnia, a nation with 3 million people, highly controled media, controlled academia, and above all mafia-style politicians & corrupted judiciary with over 1 million court cases open as we speak…

The Bosnian government at all levels systematically neglects the National Museum (w/o heat and salaries for 10 years!) and other museums around the country. It also virtually strangled the country's academic community so it is now the Europe's last ranked. At the same time, the rulers want to replace the nation’s factual heritage with a fictitious one (“pyramids”). Have we already seen a similar, government-orchestrated destruction of a country’s own civilization values, cultural heritage and scientific potential, somewhere before? You bet – in Afghanistan, during the Taliban regime!


pored seada i nihada o meni se brinu još Stariša, alias Bob Guchone, Luka Perović, Stariša, MELINA KAMERIĆ, DMAJA (dopisnica iz Austro-ugarske monarhije),Žaklina E. KENEDY (ekspertica za Italiju i dopisnik iz Australije na privremenom radu u Sarajevu, povremeno Šoba nešto sroči svima, a mi objavimo, Blecker-Decker, nešto se jednostavno prepiše, a nešto objavi uz odobrenje eminentnih autora rasprostranjenih širom planete...

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  1. I've read an interesting article on
    about the corners of the pyramid. It would be an easy way to proof
    quickly the existence, but they dig near the corners but not the
    corners. Then they've dug something on the top of it, but not the
    top!? I've seen some pictures on that really let me think again about
    this whole thing. Every day I believe less in this mystery.