November 2005.: ANNOUNCEMENTS

Pyramids in Bosnia and Herzegovina do exist

In the context of the announcements made by Mrs. Zilka Kujundžić-Vejzagić from The National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) (November 1st 2005) and professor Enver Imamović from the Philosophy university of Sarajevo (November 3rd 2005), published in the daily newspaper, we have recieved, for the purpose of better public awareness, the following denial which is scientifically backed up, in difference to their non-scientific terminology.

Media attention which accompanied the discovery of the first European pyramid below the hill Visocica close to Visoko brought about critical reactions from archaeologist Mrs. Zilke Kujundžić-Vejzagić and historian professor Enver Imamovic from Sarajevo. In their criticizing media announcements, which are unfortunately full of inaccuracies and improper claims, without any scientific arguments, visit to the location or insight into the results of the scientific research, they denied the possibility that pyramids in B&H exist.

1. Mrs. Kujundžić-Vejzagić calls the hypothesis on the existence of pyramid “speculation without any scientific ground and responsibility, and that I did not “find any real evidence”, and professor Imamovic calls the pyramid discovery “absolutely unreal”. Unfortunately they did not come to the site during the geological dig nor have they asked to see the results of the research. That is unacceptable in communication among the scientists, and important conclusions can not be made from office chairs.

2. All our proof are made available to public:
– Satellite pictures, aerial photos and geodes map all confirm the right geometrical shape of the hill Visocica. That shape is a pyramid, with four sides of equal surface, equally directed towards the sides of the world, which is typical of pyramids.
– Trial excavation, on the representative samples, the existence of geological anomalies was determined, which indicate that this is not a natural formation, but rather a colossal stone object under the hill. This theory was also confirmed by an expert of a respected international organization for monument protection.
– Further excavations proved the following theories:

a) Monumental plateau of the pyramid, 420 meters long and with about 15.000 square meters of surface, is paved with architectonic sandy stone tiles. They were cut by human hand, polished and brought to the plateau.

b) Pyramid was built by hand made stone monolith. Design is stairs like: balcony wide two meters, with the slope of thirty meters, another two meter balcony, etc. design is lot alike pyramids from the Teotihuacán complex from Mexico.

c) It is determined that there is a presence of straight cut tiles with high percent of iron which gives them red color. On them there are decorative circles which indicate their ornamental function. Also, these tiles cause magnetic interference.

d) The map of the interior tunnel complex has begun to take shape. Locals have confirmed the link between the pyramid and the place 3 km from it called Ravna. There are a number of crossings present, which will be further excavated and studied. This underground complex, hand made, is characteristic of Egyptian and Mexican pyramid complexes.

e) The entrance to the center of the pyramid has been located which can be reached by stone stairs.

f) Existence of hand made stone tiles has also been confirmed.

3. Prof. Imamovic incorrectly claims that I am “destroying a middle ages necropolis” and the I am “irreversibly destroying a national treasure”. It is true that 500 meters from the protected town of Visoko, there is a lot of dug up ground and stone blocks. Owner of the land has between the August and October of this year, without knowing dug up around 700 square meters and has destroyed part of the access plateau of the pyramid. I warned the mayor of Visoko about that (at the book promotion of October 25th 2005), together with the prime minister of the Zenica-Doboj canton and the respective federal minister (1.11.2005). Considering that that zone was not protected, I sent a request to proclaim that ground to be of important national interest.

4. Mrs. Kujundžic-Vejzagić and professor Imamović have called me ignorant and amateur. Considering that I have more years of high education as both of them together, I believe that the same can be said for them as well.

5. Mrs. Kujundžic-Vejzagić calls me “layman” and professor Imamović author of “totally unreal claims” that this location holds a pyramid. Until now I have seen hundred of pyramids from the jungles of Chiapas, Yucatan and Kvintan Roa in Mexico, all the way to the Peten in Guatemala, to Honduras, Peru, Salvador, Belize… about the correlation (geometrical, astronomical, mathematical) among the world pyramids, I have written in my books. They were published in the US (publisher is one of the five most respected houses from the field of archaeology and history, Georgia’s Press of New Jersey), Estonia, Turkey, Bosnia, Croatia… Considering that he above mentioned Mrs. and professor do not have any excavation experience, it was ambitious from their side to call me a layman, without knowing my references.

6. Prof. Imamović considers me a “daydreamer” who has the “financial means to travel the world.” My travels are not touristy. Results of my research are subject to public scrutiny in form of books and web-site presentations, which is somewhat different from other Bosnian experts.

7. Mrs. Kujunžić-Vejzagic claims that I am a salesman, who makes money of off people’s naivety. For eight of my books published in B&H I neither asked nor got a single penny. This can be easily verified with the local publishers (Šahinpašić, Svjetlost, Klepsidra). On the contrary, I always asked that instead of getting paid, my books be more accessible to readers. In any case all my books can be read for free on my web site:

8. Mrs. Kujundžic-Vejzagić and professor Imamović warn of the existence of the royal town Visoko at the top of the hill Visocica. No one questions the fact that at the top of the Visocica one can find a neglected small settlement of great importance to the development of the medieval Bosnian state. In our researches so far we have focused on the hill outside the protected zone of town Visoko. It would make sense that the ultimate goal of the excavations and the reconstruction be a presentation to the world of all cultures on Visocica: medieval, roman, Illyrian and that of the colossal pyramid which is the most significant archaeological monument in Europe.

9. Prof. Imamović points to the unfunded criticisms to three levels of institutions (municipal, cantonal and federal) which gave permits and accord for work to take place. Considering that the work has not been done at the protected site, his remarks have no basis. Criticism of the lack of knowledge of the local authorities and the research team is also without merit. Research team has an experienced geologist, graduated archaeologist, laboratory, mineralogical and petrography analysis were performed by an experienced sedimentologist. All steps have been performed in accordance with the legal procedure, and the investor has made a contractual agreement with the authority in charge of implementing law in the town of Visoko, which allowed the research project to take place. By this I reply to his position about the “amateur doing excavation”.

10. Mrs. Vejzagić and professor Imamović insist that the architectural tiles which cover the pyramid plateau are in fact tombstones. This hypothesis has been denied by experts at the site: a geologist of 25 years of experience, representative of the renowned international organization for monument protection (civil engineer), archaeologist from The National Museum in charge of medieval times and is an archaeologist. It is well known that Kosta Curic has called one of these ground tiles, out of lack of knowledge, a lying tombstone. Without any critical verification this hypothesis has been dragged through scientific books over the last few decades and is giving a wrong interpretation to whole new generations of scholars.

11. Prof. Imamović claims that 5.000 and 10.000 years ago people lived in caves and that they were not in intellectual state to make a pyramid. In last ten years revolutionizing discoveries have been taking place in the field of research of historic civilizations and archaeology. 15 underwater cities between Japan and Taiwan have been found, while this ancient mega polis was connected by stone roads of 500 km. Temples, pyramids and ceremonial objects have been discovered. In that area of the world there was no tectonic disturbance for last 12.000 years in order to lower these towns 80 meters below water. Who then made them 12.000 years ago? Japanese cavemen? In Chinese province Shensi there are several hundred large pyramids which are being hidden from the public eye. Chinese archaeologist who decoded the hieroglyphs on them claimed during a scientific conference in Japan in 1967 that those pyramids are 12.500 years old. Who built them? Chinese cavemen?

12. B&H scientist must keep pace with world discoveries and methods. Knowledge cannot be stopped by hurt feelings

13. This moment in which all the world is writing about pyramids in B&H must be well exploited. Finally, B&H after the reports of war, violence and corruption has a chance to create some positive news. Therefore let us not lose any more time on contesting these facts without scientific arguments and let us focus on legal and organizational preparation for the continuation of excavation and research come spring time.

Semir (Sam) Osmanagić

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