March 2006.: LINANAL confirms existence of pyramids

Satellite detector LINANAL confirms existence of pyramids in Bosnia

«Archeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun» Foundation performed another high-tech analysis of the Visocica hill – first European pyramid – in the town of Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Automatic satellite detector of linear anomalies named LINANAL was used by the Foundation geophysicists to determine that internal angles measure approximately 45 degrees confirming a hypothesis that the hill is an enormous artificial structure. There is a symmetrical access plateau on the west side characteristic of pyramid structure.

Semir Osmanagić, Chair of the Foundation Steeering Committee said:» Precise topographic information of the BiH Institute of Geography were processed in the automatic satellite program. Such a professional and systematic approach to research will definitely be a guideline for future arechological projects in BiH and beyond. It is a combination of classic geo-archeological methods and the most modern satellite technology.»

In the Foundation it is believed that only a multidisciplinary approach with scientific arguments, which may be tested at the international level, should be used to successfully implement the Bosnian Pyramid Project. Therefore, in addition to archeologists, the team is composed of geologists, sedimentologists, geophysicists, petrologists, geomechanists, surveyors, mineralogists, paleontologists and historians, whose expertise and enthusiasm will contribute to creation of unique phenomenon.

pored seada i nihada o meni se brinu još Stariša, alias Bob Guchone, Luka Perović, Stariša, MELINA KAMERIĆ, DMAJA (dopisnica iz Austro-ugarske monarhije),Žaklina E. KENEDY (ekspertica za Italiju i dopisnik iz Australije na privremenom radu u Sarajevu, povremeno Šoba nešto sroči svima, a mi objavimo, Blecker-Decker, nešto se jednostavno prepiše, a nešto objavi uz odobrenje eminentnih autora rasprostranjenih širom planete...

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  1. I've read an interesting article on
    about the corners of the pyramid. It would be an easy way to proof
    quickly the existence, but they dig near the corners but not the
    corners. Then they've dug something on the top of it, but not the
    top!? I've seen some pictures on that really let me think again about
    this whole thing. Every day I believe less in this mystery.