Additional Evidence that the Mounds Visocica and Pljesevica, near Visoko in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Represent Ancient Colossal Stone Structures
Two researchers using ultra-modern satellite imaging believe they have confirmed a discovery of huge, ancient buildings, which may be the first European pyramids, buried in a rugged, mountainous area, near the town of Visoko in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dr. Amer Smailbegovic who with his partner, Sean Anklam, are leading the investigative remote sensing work, said “ based on preliminary analysis of data collected thus far we have encouraging and compelling evidence that the two mounds we are focusing on may be in fact ancient pyramids.”

The researchers, working at SpecTIR Corporation in Reno, Nevada, USA have analyzed multiple satellite, airborne and radar imagery, and geospatial datasets, acquired over Visocica and Pljesevica, two mounds in Bosnia and Herzegovina postulated by a growing amount of scientific evidence, to be the first European Pyramids. Using several different available spaceborne, airborne and topographic datasets (Radarsat, Landsat, Hyperion, Orbview, IKONOS, Quickbird, Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) they hope to attain the full view of the area.

The SpecTIR Corporation commands recognition on its expertise and integrity, and elite clientele in the United States, ranging from government agencies to corporations and educational institutions. The company specializes in the acquisition of airborne hyperspectral imagery, analysis and interpretation of geospatial datasets and integration of multiple datasets into ready-to-use information for their customers.

“Personally speaking, we have no doubts that some kind of enormous, man-made structures exists in and around Visocica: the sides of the mounds appear unnatural because they are very linear, with clearly defined edges. The nature generally abhors straight lines and geometric theorems. In addition to Visocica and Pljesevica features, we may have identified other structures, not readily apparent to the observer on the ground.” state Dr. Smailbegovic and Anklam in their findings.

The researchers said they are applying the latest scientific methods in their geo-archaeological investigation. Smailbegovic said a number of Bosnian scientists will join the effort in the coming year. So far, the volunteer effort has centered on analyzing data collected from satellite imagery of areas near Visocica and Pljesevica, about 30km northwest of Sarajevo. A continued, concentrated effort will be initiated to explore the pyramid interior and the network of underground tunnel systems. Semir Osmanagic, the team’s principal investigator, said he is exploring several geophysical methods which could be used to explore the interior of the underground structures and the network of tunnels which may connect them to other areas of archaeological interest in the Visoko Valley.

Semir Osmanagić

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