25 of January: Second conference of the Management board of the Foundation “Archaeological park: Bosnian pyramid of the Sun”

Bosnian Valley of Pyramids – biggest archeological project in Europe in 2006

Second conference of the Management board of the Foundation “Archaeological park: Bosnian pyramid of the Sun” was held in Sarajevo. It has been concluded that the work on excavation of pyramids in Visoko will be the biggest archaeological-geological project in Europe this year. Work will begin April 14th and will last until end of October.

Thanks to the expressed interest of archaeologists from the whole world, strong expert teams are already being formed. Participation has been announced by following archaeologists: Mr. Richard Royce, experienced archaeologist from Australia, together with graduate archaeologists fro Universities of Innsbruck (Austria), Glasgow (Scotland) and Ljubljana (Slovenia).

International team of archaeologists will be strengthen by a team of young Bosnian archaeologists consisting of: Sead Pilav, who graduated archaeology in Sweden, Silvana Čobanov (graduate archaeologist from University of Zadar, Croatia) and Saša Janković (Archaeology University of Belgrade, Serbia).

In a joint expert team there will also be geological experts: dr. Stjepan Čorić, member of a respected Geological society of from Austria, together with graduate engineers of geology Nadija Nukić from Sarajevo, Ibrica Repisti from Montenegro and Jukić Nedim from Tuzla.

It is projected that during the time of the project team will have over one hundred experts and teams for excavation work on Visocica and the surrounding sites. They will be joined by numerous volunteers and enthusiasts who will work under expert supervision.

All news and developments on the preparation of the Project can be found on the official web site of the foundation www.piramidasunca.ba.

Management board of the Foundation has pointed out the importance of all finds being verified by the International council of the Foundation which will be made up of most respected world pyramid experts.

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