beats by dre cheap Indiana Jones of the Balkans: The Great Pyramid of Bosnia

7 May 2006 18:33 Home > News > Europe An amateur archaeologist claims to have found Europe's first pyramid. The experts may be sceptical but the people have been quick to see the potential for attracting tourists By Vesna Peric Zimonjic Published: 28 April 2006 There is a new sign hanging above Visoko's shabby hotel. From now, guests will be staying at the Pyramid of the Sun. Across the road at the local restaurant the hungry can tuck into pyramid pizza. It is served, of course, on triangular wooden platters. And for those who have yet to get the point, the local market is offering allegedly home-made brandy. It comes in pyramid-shaped bottles. Article Length: 1632 words (approx.)

07/05/2006 18:47