beats by dre cheap Bosnia may boast Europe's first pyramid

Apr. 28, 2006 at 3:53PM Experts may be skeptical but an archaeologist's claims he has found Europe's first pyramid began attracting tourists to a town near Sarajevo. The town of Visoko is home to Europe's only pyramid, or at least that is what a Bosnian amateur archaeologist would like us believe, London's Independent wrote Friday. Whether the 45-year-old Semir Osmanagic is right or not, he has certainly started a craze. The man now known as the Balkan Indiana Jones said he believes there are pyramids under two nearby hills as well. "Nature does not make such shapes and they have to be man-made," Osmanagic said. Teams are digging to see if they will run into stone blocks below the slopes of the hill. Experts from Egypt are expected to join them within weeks. Meanwhile, a local hotel was named Pyramid of Sun, and a nearby pizza joint serves meals on triangular wooden platters. T-shirts with the imaginary pyramid are sold in the streets. Osmanagic, whose main qualification is 15 years spent studying pyramids in Latin America, is convinced that under the 2,050-foot Visoko hill is a giant step pyramid, which would be the first discovered in Europe. He says it is 772-feet high, one-third taller than the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

03/05/2006 15:07