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Gabriela Lukacs, first volunteer in Visoko :

Answer to the critics May 2 2006 Answer to the critics People keep going to Visoko to help and be part of this unique and gigantic project. This discovery has already changed the image we all have from Bosnia. There are great people working together hand in hand, with shovel and brush cleaning stones from aeons of dirt, bringing forth a culture with achievements we cannot even image, let alone copy. No wonder the mainstream archaeologists cannot accept the fact that there is a pyramid under our feet. Built from scratch. With huge breccia stone-plates, neatly put together, over various layers of enormous stoneblocks. A pyramid of 220m height, being the tallest man made construction in the world – so far. Made by people who did not leave us a written note about it. The mainstream archaeologists claim their right to investigate the place for Illyrian remains, before this “wild excavation of Mr.O” is allowed to destroy the roman ruins and medieval walls. Pls.come to Visoko and check yourself that everything is documented carefully. There is a live camera on site for your convenience! And once you are in Visoko pls. go to the local museum. Director Senad will be more than happy to show you hundreds of boxes filled with 24.000 pieces of archaeological excavation done by the german university of Kiel in 2005 in Okoliste near Visoko (see link below for further investigation). The boxes fill the hallway of the museum and need to be analized, documented, mapped, screened and put together. This is the time and place to show your concern, if you really mean it. At least 24.000 objects have been rescued for your qualified studies. Posted by Gabriela Lukacs, first volunteer in Visoko 11 April 2006 Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel posted by Butterflies and Bunnyrabbits

03/05/2006 09:58