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14 of April 2006.: Digging starts

Digging starts on 'Europe's first pyramids' in Bosnia
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Friday, 14 April 2006

A team of experts started digging at the site of a 3.8-kilometer (2.3-mile) tunnel believed to lead to one of the two structures resembling pyramids, about 30 kilometers from the Bosnian capital. As residents of the nearby town of Visoko eagerly watched, digging also began on one of ten 20-by-50 meter (65-by-165 foot) wells on the lower slopes of a hill.
Last year explorer Semir Osmanagic started initial probes in the area convinced that the two "constructions" were the work of builders from an unknown civilization who shaped the hill into a 'step pyramid' then coated it with a kind of primitive concrete.

The explorers, who are expected to be joined by an Egyptian archaeologist and a geologist, hope to find stone blocks, or the steps of the "pyramids".

Osmanagic says that the two structures are precisely aligned with the compass to the four corners of the world. Visocica Hill, which Osmanagic refers to as the "Bosnian pyramid of the sun", stands some 220 meters high.

He says that he sees astonishing similarities between the structures and Mexican pyramids dating back to about AD 200, which also come in pairs, one believed to represent the Sun and the other the Moon. The excavation work led by the foundation "The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun" that gathers local archaeologists will last for 200 days, and is expected to cost some $150,000.


April 2006.: Motel Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun

Motel Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun
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Friday, 07 April 2006

Motel is located in the center of Visoko. At the entrance to the Motel Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun You will be welcomed by our forthcoming personnel who will give You all the necessary information in order to make Your stay a pleasant one.
Motel Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun has 8 single bed rooms, 10 double bed rooms and 10 triple bed rooms with separate beds. The motel is brand new, the rooms are modern and comfortable. Aside from a bathroom rooms also have a telephone and cable television.
The price for the single bed room is 40 KM, double 80 KM and triple 100 KM. Breakfast is included. Larger groups of people and children get a discount. If You are stopping in Visoko just to spend a day we offer a living room service at the price of 30 KM.
Dining in our restaurant situated at the sixth floor You will be able to enjoy a fascinating view of the Pyramid of the Sun. You too are going to be part of the mystery and wonders happening in this region that are reaching deep into the past.



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Friday, 07 April 2006

Leading pyramid experts from Egypt will visit the archaeological site in Visoko in May and August this year at the invitation by the “Archaeological Park: the Bosnian Pyramid of Sun” Foundation.
Head of the Egyptian Archaeology Department at the Ain Shems University PhD Shafia Bedir and PhD Ali Abdallah Berekat will visit BiH.

They will spend four weeks working with their BiH colleagues at the site of the Bosnian Pyramid of Sun in an effort to confirm scientific results.

“We are very pleased with the results of talks held with our Egyptian colleagues. Egypt is famous for its pyramids. They have acted as true gentlemen in deciding to take part in the international verification of our research”, Foundation Steering Board member Senad Hodovic said.


March 2006.: LINANAL confirms existence of pyramids

Satellite detector LINANAL confirms existence of pyramids in Bosnia

«Archeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun» Foundation performed another high-tech analysis of the Visocica hill – first European pyramid – in the town of Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Automatic satellite detector of linear anomalies named LINANAL was used by the Foundation geophysicists to determine that internal angles measure approximately 45 degrees confirming a hypothesis that the hill is an enormous artificial structure. There is a symmetrical access plateau on the west side characteristic of pyramid structure.

Semir Osmanagić, Chair of the Foundation Steeering Committee said:» Precise topographic information of the BiH Institute of Geography were processed in the automatic satellite program. Such a professional and systematic approach to research will definitely be a guideline for future arechological projects in BiH and beyond. It is a combination of classic geo-archeological methods and the most modern satellite technology.»

In the Foundation it is believed that only a multidisciplinary approach with scientific arguments, which may be tested at the international level, should be used to successfully implement the Bosnian Pyramid Project. Therefore, in addition to archeologists, the team is composed of geologists, sedimentologists, geophysicists, petrologists, geomechanists, surveyors, mineralogists, paleontologists and historians, whose expertise and enthusiasm will contribute to creation of unique phenomenon.


March2006.: Project open to every well-meaning person


Excavation, renovation and permanent protection of the Bosnian Pyramids Valley is a project open to every well-meaning person who wants to be a part of this major historical-archeological open air program.

Voluntary work will last throughout the Project, from April 14 2006 to October 10 2006, from 8.00 -16.00. Archeological site will be accessible seven days a week. Volunteering days may be selected (for example, only on weekends or certain number of days).

The following voluntary activities will be available:

1. Excavation and cleaning of the pyramid walls, access plateau and underground tunnel complex.
Approximately 15 cm is planned to be removed from two sides of pyramids (west and east). Stone blocks and access stairs are to be cleaned. Due to soil erosion and deposits on the south and east side, monoliths are covered with dirt as high as 2,5 meters, and it will take more work to remove them.

Clearing of the underground tunnels will be supervised by experts, and the activities will include removal of dirt, gravel and stones from the filled tunnels and their carting away outside the entrance, near Ravne area.

Before they start with their activities, volunteers will attend archeology classes, receive a name tag, and Certificate of Participation in the Excavation of the Bosnian Sun Pyramid after they finish volunteering. Every morning volunteers will be provided with transportation from the meeting point in Visoko to Visocica plateau, that is Ravne. All volunteers will be provided with lunch.

During the first two months, April and May, volunteers with accommodation will have a priority (for example, volunteers living in Visoko, Sarajevo, Zenica or around Visoko). Notice to potential volunteers without accommodation will be issued before the exacavation phase.

2. Volunteer positions on the archeological site of the Bosnian Sun Pyramids plateau:
- vistors' guide
- reception office for the Project participants
- selling of the Foundation posters, books and postcards
- facilitating distribution of lunch

3. Volunteer positions in other locations in BiH:

- registering and data gathering on pre-historical stone balls from all over BiH
- registering and photographing pre-historical metal rings in BiH

4. Expert volunteers in the Bosnian Sun Pyramid area:

- archeologists
- geologists
- geophysicists
- speleologists
- paleontologists
- professional geodesists
- land surveyors (and assistants)
- licensed radiesthesists (locating undergound water sources)
- other relevant professions which could contribute to the pyramids complex



Statements made by the most prominent archeologists from all over the world

R. Bruce Hitchner, PhD: "I looked closely at the geological and satellite analysis of the Bosnian pyramids. My impression is that they may be monumental elite tombs from the pre-Roman period, or even the Roman period. Visoko was very important pre-Roman local center and Roman town afterwards."

R. Bruce Hitchner, PhD
Chair of Department of Classics and Director of Archeology Program at Tufts University, USA

Dr. Zahi Havass: "It is quite possible there are pyramids in Bosnia. The fact that artefacts older than 7000 years have been found near Visoko does not imply that the pyramids are of the same age. Mr. Osmanagic needs to dig deeper to unearth reliable evidence of the pyramids' age."

Dr. Zahi Hawass,
Head of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities in Giza


25 of January: Second conference of the Management board of the Foundation "Archaeological park: Bosnian pyramid of the Sun"

Bosnian Valley of Pyramids - biggest archeological project in Europe in 2006

Second conference of the Management board of the Foundation "Archaeological park: Bosnian pyramid of the Sun" was held in Sarajevo. It has been concluded that the work on excavation of pyramids in Visoko will be the biggest archaeological-geological project in Europe this year. Work will begin April 14th and will last until end of October.

Thanks to the expressed interest of archaeologists from the whole world, strong expert teams are already being formed. Participation has been announced by following archaeologists: Mr. Richard Royce, experienced archaeologist from Australia, together with graduate archaeologists fro Universities of Innsbruck (Austria), Glasgow (Scotland) and Ljubljana (Slovenia).

International team of archaeologists will be strengthen by a team of young Bosnian archaeologists consisting of: Sead Pilav, who graduated archaeology in Sweden, Silvana Čobanov (graduate archaeologist from University of Zadar, Croatia) and Saša Janković (Archaeology University of Belgrade, Serbia).

In a joint expert team there will also be geological experts: dr. Stjepan Čorić, member of a respected Geological society of from Austria, together with graduate engineers of geology Nadija Nukić from Sarajevo, Ibrica Repisti from Montenegro and Jukić Nedim from Tuzla.

It is projected that during the time of the project team will have over one hundred experts and teams for excavation work on Visocica and the surrounding sites. They will be joined by numerous volunteers and enthusiasts who will work under expert supervision.

All news and developments on the preparation of the Project can be found on the official web site of the foundation

Management board of the Foundation has pointed out the importance of all finds being verified by the International council of the Foundation which will be made up of most respected world pyramid experts.



Additional Evidence that the Mounds Visocica and Pljesevica, near Visoko in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Represent Ancient Colossal Stone Structures
Two researchers using ultra-modern satellite imaging believe they have confirmed a discovery of huge, ancient buildings, which may be the first European pyramids, buried in a rugged, mountainous area, near the town of Visoko in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dr. Amer Smailbegovic who with his partner, Sean Anklam, are leading the investigative remote sensing work, said “ based on preliminary analysis of data collected thus far we have encouraging and compelling evidence that the two mounds we are focusing on may be in fact ancient pyramids.”

The researchers, working at SpecTIR Corporation in Reno, Nevada, USA have analyzed multiple satellite, airborne and radar imagery, and geospatial datasets, acquired over Visocica and Pljesevica, two mounds in Bosnia and Herzegovina postulated by a growing amount of scientific evidence, to be the first European Pyramids. Using several different available spaceborne, airborne and topographic datasets (Radarsat, Landsat, Hyperion, Orbview, IKONOS, Quickbird, Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) they hope to attain the full view of the area.

The SpecTIR Corporation commands recognition on its expertise and integrity, and elite clientele in the United States, ranging from government agencies to corporations and educational institutions. The company specializes in the acquisition of airborne hyperspectral imagery, analysis and interpretation of geospatial datasets and integration of multiple datasets into ready-to-use information for their customers.

“Personally speaking, we have no doubts that some kind of enormous, man-made structures exists in and around Visocica: the sides of the mounds appear unnatural because they are very linear, with clearly defined edges. The nature generally abhors straight lines and geometric theorems. In addition to Visocica and Pljesevica features, we may have identified other structures, not readily apparent to the observer on the ground.” state Dr. Smailbegovic and Anklam in their findings.

The researchers said they are applying the latest scientific methods in their geo-archaeological investigation. Smailbegovic said a number of Bosnian scientists will join the effort in the coming year. So far, the volunteer effort has centered on analyzing data collected from satellite imagery of areas near Visocica and Pljesevica, about 30km northwest of Sarajevo. A continued, concentrated effort will be initiated to explore the pyramid interior and the network of underground tunnel systems. Semir Osmanagic, the team’s principal investigator, said he is exploring several geophysical methods which could be used to explore the interior of the underground structures and the network of tunnels which may connect them to other areas of archaeological interest in the Visoko Valley.

Semir Osmanagić


November 2005.: ANNOUNCEMENTS

Pyramids in Bosnia and Herzegovina do exist

In the context of the announcements made by Mrs. Zilka Kujundžić-Vejzagić from The National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) (November 1st 2005) and professor Enver Imamović from the Philosophy university of Sarajevo (November 3rd 2005), published in the daily newspaper, we have recieved, for the purpose of better public awareness, the following denial which is scientifically backed up, in difference to their non-scientific terminology.

Media attention which accompanied the discovery of the first European pyramid below the hill Visocica close to Visoko brought about critical reactions from archaeologist Mrs. Zilke Kujundžić-Vejzagić and historian professor Enver Imamovic from Sarajevo. In their criticizing media announcements, which are unfortunately full of inaccuracies and improper claims, without any scientific arguments, visit to the location or insight into the results of the scientific research, they denied the possibility that pyramids in B&H exist.

1. Mrs. Kujundžić-Vejzagić calls the hypothesis on the existence of pyramid “speculation without any scientific ground and responsibility, and that I did not “find any real evidence”, and professor Imamovic calls the pyramid discovery “absolutely unreal”. Unfortunately they did not come to the site during the geological dig nor have they asked to see the results of the research. That is unacceptable in communication among the scientists, and important conclusions can not be made from office chairs.

2. All our proof are made available to public:
- Satellite pictures, aerial photos and geodes map all confirm the right geometrical shape of the hill Visocica. That shape is a pyramid, with four sides of equal surface, equally directed towards the sides of the world, which is typical of pyramids.
- Trial excavation, on the representative samples, the existence of geological anomalies was determined, which indicate that this is not a natural formation, but rather a colossal stone object under the hill. This theory was also confirmed by an expert of a respected international organization for monument protection.
- Further excavations proved the following theories:

a) Monumental plateau of the pyramid, 420 meters long and with about 15.000 square meters of surface, is paved with architectonic sandy stone tiles. They were cut by human hand, polished and brought to the plateau.

b) Pyramid was built by hand made stone monolith. Design is stairs like: balcony wide two meters, with the slope of thirty meters, another two meter balcony, etc. design is lot alike pyramids from the Teotihuacán complex from Mexico.

c) It is determined that there is a presence of straight cut tiles with high percent of iron which gives them red color. On them there are decorative circles which indicate their ornamental function. Also, these tiles cause magnetic interference.

d) The map of the interior tunnel complex has begun to take shape. Locals have confirmed the link between the pyramid and the place 3 km from it called Ravna. There are a number of crossings present, which will be further excavated and studied. This underground complex, hand made, is characteristic of Egyptian and Mexican pyramid complexes.

e) The entrance to the center of the pyramid has been located which can be reached by stone stairs.

f) Existence of hand made stone tiles has also been confirmed.

3. Prof. Imamovic incorrectly claims that I am “destroying a middle ages necropolis” and the I am “irreversibly destroying a national treasure”. It is true that 500 meters from the protected town of Visoko, there is a lot of dug up ground and stone blocks. Owner of the land has between the August and October of this year, without knowing dug up around 700 square meters and has destroyed part of the access plateau of the pyramid. I warned the mayor of Visoko about that (at the book promotion of October 25th 2005), together with the prime minister of the Zenica-Doboj canton and the respective federal minister (1.11.2005). Considering that that zone was not protected, I sent a request to proclaim that ground to be of important national interest.

4. Mrs. Kujundžic-Vejzagić and professor Imamović have called me ignorant and amateur. Considering that I have more years of high education as both of them together, I believe that the same can be said for them as well.

5. Mrs. Kujundžic-Vejzagić calls me “layman” and professor Imamović author of “totally unreal claims” that this location holds a pyramid. Until now I have seen hundred of pyramids from the jungles of Chiapas, Yucatan and Kvintan Roa in Mexico, all the way to the Peten in Guatemala, to Honduras, Peru, Salvador, Belize… about the correlation (geometrical, astronomical, mathematical) among the world pyramids, I have written in my books. They were published in the US (publisher is one of the five most respected houses from the field of archaeology and history, Georgia’s Press of New Jersey), Estonia, Turkey, Bosnia, Croatia… Considering that he above mentioned Mrs. and professor do not have any excavation experience, it was ambitious from their side to call me a layman, without knowing my references.

6. Prof. Imamović considers me a “daydreamer” who has the “financial means to travel the world.” My travels are not touristy. Results of my research are subject to public scrutiny in form of books and web-site presentations, which is somewhat different from other Bosnian experts.

7. Mrs. Kujunžić-Vejzagic claims that I am a salesman, who makes money of off people’s naivety. For eight of my books published in B&H I neither asked nor got a single penny. This can be easily verified with the local publishers (Šahinpašić, Svjetlost, Klepsidra). On the contrary, I always asked that instead of getting paid, my books be more accessible to readers. In any case all my books can be read for free on my web site:

8. Mrs. Kujundžic-Vejzagić and professor Imamović warn of the existence of the royal town Visoko at the top of the hill Visocica. No one questions the fact that at the top of the Visocica one can find a neglected small settlement of great importance to the development of the medieval Bosnian state. In our researches so far we have focused on the hill outside the protected zone of town Visoko. It would make sense that the ultimate goal of the excavations and the reconstruction be a presentation to the world of all cultures on Visocica: medieval, roman, Illyrian and that of the colossal pyramid which is the most significant archaeological monument in Europe.

9. Prof. Imamović points to the unfunded criticisms to three levels of institutions (municipal, cantonal and federal) which gave permits and accord for work to take place. Considering that the work has not been done at the protected site, his remarks have no basis. Criticism of the lack of knowledge of the local authorities and the research team is also without merit. Research team has an experienced geologist, graduated archaeologist, laboratory, mineralogical and petrography analysis were performed by an experienced sedimentologist. All steps have been performed in accordance with the legal procedure, and the investor has made a contractual agreement with the authority in charge of implementing law in the town of Visoko, which allowed the research project to take place. By this I reply to his position about the “amateur doing excavation”.

10. Mrs. Vejzagić and professor Imamović insist that the architectural tiles which cover the pyramid plateau are in fact tombstones. This hypothesis has been denied by experts at the site: a geologist of 25 years of experience, representative of the renowned international organization for monument protection (civil engineer), archaeologist from The National Museum in charge of medieval times and is an archaeologist. It is well known that Kosta Curic has called one of these ground tiles, out of lack of knowledge, a lying tombstone. Without any critical verification this hypothesis has been dragged through scientific books over the last few decades and is giving a wrong interpretation to whole new generations of scholars.

11. Prof. Imamović claims that 5.000 and 10.000 years ago people lived in caves and that they were not in intellectual state to make a pyramid. In last ten years revolutionizing discoveries have been taking place in the field of research of historic civilizations and archaeology. 15 underwater cities between Japan and Taiwan have been found, while this ancient mega polis was connected by stone roads of 500 km. Temples, pyramids and ceremonial objects have been discovered. In that area of the world there was no tectonic disturbance for last 12.000 years in order to lower these towns 80 meters below water. Who then made them 12.000 years ago? Japanese cavemen? In Chinese province Shensi there are several hundred large pyramids which are being hidden from the public eye. Chinese archaeologist who decoded the hieroglyphs on them claimed during a scientific conference in Japan in 1967 that those pyramids are 12.500 years old. Who built them? Chinese cavemen?

12. B&H scientist must keep pace with world discoveries and methods. Knowledge cannot be stopped by hurt feelings

13. This moment in which all the world is writing about pyramids in B&H must be well exploited. Finally, B&H after the reports of war, violence and corruption has a chance to create some positive news. Therefore let us not lose any more time on contesting these facts without scientific arguments and let us focus on legal and organizational preparation for the continuation of excavation and research come spring time.

Semir (Sam) Osmanagić


November 2005. : New proof of existence of the pyramid under Visocica

New proof of existence of the pyramid under Visocica
The second phase of archaeological excavation has just been completed under the hill Visocica next to Visoko. The results fully confirm the hugely important hypothesis of the existence of the first pyramid in Europe.

Satellite pictures, aerial photos and geodes map all confirm the right geometrical shape of the hill Visocica. The shape is a pyramid which is made of four equal sides. Those sides coincide with the sides of the world.

Initial trial excavations in August confirmed the presence of dozen anomalies which prove that the hill is not a natural formation but a hand made stone structure.

Archaeological excavations in October and November prove the following:

1. Access plateau of pyramid is fully paved in the length of 420 meters. Plateau is made of sand stones, natural architectural construction material, which is about 10-12 cm wide. Their surface is smooth. Being that they were cut, polished and brought to this location there is no doubt that they are the act of human hands.

2. Pyramid walls are made of stone tiles, also a natural construction material. These tiles are cut into megaliths of different dimensions which are characteristic of pyramid construction. Their length, according to what has been discovered is between one and three meters. Connection between them is clear and it is evident that these tiles were not tied by any material which is also characteristic of most world pyramids. Due to the thousands of years which have passed and shallow level of humus, megaliths have for most part lost their right geometrical shape. But regardless their cut shapes clearly demonstrate that they are hand made and were brought to the site.

3. Every new row of megaliths was moved so as to go towards the top, making thus the slope of the pyramid. Design of the pyramided is almost identical to the design of the stair like Mexican pyramids (Teotihuacán) In case of the Bosnian pyramid of Sun, we can see in the design the switch from the balcony to the slope and then again a balcony which seem to around 2 meters wide.

4. On one of the probes used, there was a confirmation of the cut stone tiles with high percentage of iron in them. These tiles at their surface show ornamental circles and assumption is that they were used for decorational purposes. Close to where we discovered this, there was also a high magnetic interference, thus for example one could not listen to a radio in that particular area.

5. Already earlier we determined that n the walls of the pyramid there was a layer of marl limestone in a block made of Breca (certain kind of stone find in this region). Since here we witness material from two different geological eras, it is impossible for them to have appeared here naturally.

6. We have noted and examined local men claims of tunnels under the pyramid leading to various directions. Project team has entered on of the tunnels on the location of Ravno, three kilometers from Vosocica. It is determined that the original height of the tunnel was 2,5 meters and that the arch was worked on by a human hand, and that they were not a natural appearance. Certain sections of the tunnel are today, due to their partial collapse, from half a meter to 2,5 meters high. After some 250 meters of passing through the tunnel, we concluded that the there were four intersections under the right angles of 45 degrees. Last intersection had three passages, of which one was buried. Tunnel leading to the left, according to the claims of the people who went to the end of the tunnel, leads to the underground lake. The one which leads to the right goes al the way to the pyramid and exits on the top. All this shows that there was an underground system of tunnels which is in full similar to the tunnel systems under the pyramids of Egypt, Mexico and Peru.

7. In the final phases of the excavation we encountered some resistance. Day before last, one of the lots was claimed by a new owner who requested that the work be stopped, because from now „he will continue the excavations“. Even tough we had three permissions from different levels of legal bodies, we agreed to this demand. By the way, the same owner has destroyed a 30 meters of access plateau by a dredge. He lifted stone tiles from their original place and the worst of all has broken them. It would make sense that this area be proclaimed as that of vital national interest.

8. In the press there was a claim of a local archaeologist who says that „there are no pyramids here, that this terrain is archaeological examined and the media attention is only profit based and will be used to increase book sales“. To answer that I can just point the lady to the above mentioned facts.

9. Next phase of research is expected in April of 2006. The area will be fully cleared of bushes and other vegetation and will be followed by a careful opening of the six wide sections from all sides so that the pyramid character of megalith blocks can be easily seen. As a special project we will start a mapping of the underground tunnel system in cooperation with speleologist and geologists. We will also examine in detail the claims of the locals about the existence of the steps and a passage in the foothill of the pyramid.

Better days are coming for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Most significant monument of Europe will soon see the light of the day. Thanks to all of those who have contributed to this project with their optimism and support from the whole world.


October 2005.: BBC NEWS

Europe's first pyramid?

Bosnia's leading Muslim daily Dnevni Avaz writes excitedly about "a sensational discovery" of "the first European pyramid" in the central town of Visoko, just north of Sarajevo.

Excavations at a hill site above the town have been going on for several months and initial analyses "have confirmed the original claim that this is Europe's first pyramid and a monumental building, similar in dimensions to the Egyptian pyramids."

"The pyramid is 100 metres high and there is evidence that it contains rooms and a monumental causeway ... The plateau is built of stone blocks, which indicates the presence at the time of a highly developed civilisation," the daily explains.

"Archaeological excavations near the surface have uncovered a part of a wall and fragments of steps," it reveals.

"Visocica hill could not have been shaped like this by nature," geologist Nada Nukic tells the daily. "This is already far too more than we have anticipated, but we expect a lot more from further analysis," she concludes.

(Source: BBC News)


Interview with Semir Osmanagic / web Bosnian Pyramids

Here you can read our exclusive interview with Mr. Semir Osmanagic, the man who discovered pyramids in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

1. When was the first time you came to the conclusion that there are pyramids in Visoko?

In April of 2005, during my visit to Visoko, I noticed two geometrically symmetrical elevations:
Visocica (Bosnian pyramid of Sun) and Pljesevica (Bosnian pyramid of Moon). Even tough both were covered by trees, the characteristics of pyramids were evident. Taking into consideration their fit with the sides of the world for me there was no doubt that we were talking about pyramids. Route from unbelievable hypothesis to the scientific argumentation, which will confirm my vision, was logical. First, I started with geological trial excavations in August which showed many anomalies convincing even some experts around me that this was not a natural formation.

In October of 2005 I continued my excavation on my own with wide digs, so-called probing (excavation) wells, which showed the structure of the walls of the pyramid, access plateau and the pyramid design. For an expert eye there was no doubt any more at that point: stone tiles made a stairs-like pyramid 220 meters tall, and treated stone tiles were making up the access plateau.

2. How has your life changed since you found pyramids in Visoko and since you made that info public?

My research work over the past few years is done in one-year cycles. That is the period which I dedicate to the intensive research of certain enigmas of the past. For example, I spent a year researching the world of Maya visiting some 50 of their ancient cities in jungles and touristic centers in Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Results of my work remain noted in books. One year I dedicated to the research of the Assay culture exploring dozens of their towns in the valleys of the four southern US states. One year I dedicated to the discovery of the locations which hold stone balls in Bosnia and the cities from pre-Illyrian era in Dalmatia and Herzegovina...Before that Peruvian cultures were the focus of my interest or even the pyramid of power on the planet...

From April 2005 till April 2006. I am working intensively on proving the improvable: existence of colossal pyramids in the Center of Bosnia. This time I do not have the luxury to prepare my scripts in peace and to read 40-50 books a year.

Organizational part, affirmation of the project on the world wide scene and of course the contact with the media, are all a part of this process. However I will slowly move away from the center of the attention as more people get involved in various activities.

Of course, I was aware the in this initial period there would be critics who will publicly or privately, speak out, insult and challenge this vision. That is why I did not want to put anyone else forward, but instead I answered to all provocations with the culture of dialogue and scientific arguments.

Thus, to answer your question, there are no major changes in my life. I have a balance between my research, business, family, sport, travels...I am always looking ahead knowing where I am going. Challenges and support, media attention or quite periods, that is all part of the life.

3. How do you explain a fact that most people in Bosnia and in the world do not believe that Visoko lies on the pyramids?

How do you explain a fact that until a year ago no one in Bosnia even knew that Bosnia has Pyramids and today at least one quarter of its population (million people) believe in their existence? Last year revealed to the world that they exist and polemics were made on that topic. This year, 2006, will convince many more that Bosnia has a most significant archaeological monument of Europe and will serious discussions will begin on who made them and what was their purpose. The following year, 2007, will be marked by the astonishment of the world public how such colossal monuments could have been made before the end of the last Ice age. In other words, mindset will change as new, verified information come to light.

4. Is it true that there are more than two pyramids in Visoko?

Visoko valley will have an official geographic name in a few years: Bosnian valley of pyramids. For now we have a scientific (above all geological-sedimentary) verification that Visocica is an impressive stone object of pyramid shape. Pljesevica shows identical characteristics on satellite, radar and thermal images. Therefore, artificial structure. In addition to these two we know of three more. However, that is not all. When we clean out the underground complex of tunnels we will know in what directions they are heading, where they are exiting and which pyramids and other objects they are connecting. For your information I presume that there are more than five.

5. Considering that we know the names of the Pyramids of Sun and Moon, have you given names to other pyramids?

There are three main pyramids in the valley. The third one is the Pyramid of the Bosnian dragon.

6. In case you prove and discover pyramids, how much historic and tourist value will Bosnia and Herzegovina enjoy in the world?

Existence of the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun is proven. We are in the process of preparing the excavation, restoration and permanent protection of the entire pyramid complex.

There are two facts which will change the mindset of the Bosnian citizens about their past. First, that in the heart of Bosnia there are magnificent objects from the far past which document the importance of this region. Second, results of the anthropological genetics prove that Bosnia and the Adriatic pool is the second oldest oasis of life in Europe, with 27.000 years on uninterrupted presence of intelligent man. Bosnia is a source of civilization of Europe and that is a reason enough that Bosnians should be proud of their heritage.

How will these facts be exploited in the commercial sense (tourist, Infrastructural, economic, scientific, etc.) by the political representatives and the leading scientists... Time will tell.

I see my role as initial and limited by time.

7. Do you have any latest information on who made the pyramids and when?

Questions „who“ and „when“ will certainly find their answer only if we find the tools and organic material which we will examine in details.

However, even now, most respected world archaeologists have their views. For example prof. Dr. Bruce Hitchner, director of the archaeological department at the American university TUFTS, thinks that the pyramids were made as „monumental elite tombs during the pre-roman or even during the roman era“.

General Manager of the Egyptian high council for the antique pyramids in Giza, Dr. Zahi Hawass says that „it is very possible that there are pyramids in Bosnia“, but challenges the possibility that „they were built by some super civilization 12.000 years ago“.

Of course this with age is my assumption. For now we have two very important indicators that pyramids were under water for several hundred years. Only such occurrence can be related to the melting of the ice at the end of the last Ice age 12.000 years ago. In other words, pyramids existed then already.

8. Why are your book and your foundation called „Bosnian pyramid of Sun“, when there are several pyramids in Visoko.

The name of the book is „Bosnian pyramid of Sun“ because that was the main discovery, which in it self gave civilization frame and explanation for appearance of such complex monument on the Bosnian soil.

Name of the foundation is „Archaeological park: Bosnian pyramid of Sun“ and it has three levels in it self: first, we are talking about a foundation whose work and financial reports and approved and sanctioned by the ministry of justice and finance of the Bosnian government. Second, archaeological park shows that we are talking about the series of archaeologically valuable objects. And third, the biggest and the first object which was shown to the world was the „Bosnian pyramid of Sun“.

9. To which world pyramids are our pyramids most similar? Can you make a comparison?

What we know about the design is the following: stairs like character of the pyramid is made by pulling in each nest level of stone tiles towards inside and in addition to that, we have a balcony of about two and a half meters. And that way to the top. Egyptian kufu (Keops's) pyramid has a space between blocks („stairs“) of half a meter. Pyramid of the sun in Teotihuacán (Mexico) has smooth angles with balconies spacier than that of the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun. Looking from up close, there are differences in details. From far perfect pyramid geometry is what distinguishes all three complexes.

Even more interesting will be the calculations which are to follow. We know that the Egyptian complex of three pyramids corresponds to the one in Mexico. Bosnian complex is different: Three pyramids make an isosceles triangle making this complex unique in the world. Mutual relation of the Bosnian pyramids, sacral geometry which is built in it, orientation towards the sides of the world, and its directions to the events of the star skies...all these will be questions which we will explore in the years to come.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina we will educate new generations of Archaeologists, geologists, sedimnetologists, historians, anthropologists...because we have a unique opportunity in our own „back yard“.

10. How are the excavations plans coming along?

Research on the complex of pyramids will be the biggest of its kind in the world in 2006. Preparations are very complex and they cover formation of the teams of experts from Bosnia and the entire world, sorting the legal issues, organizational and logistic preparations, international verification of the results. In addition to that, foundation is formed by dozen committees and sections which will also address and other matters important to the protection of cultural heritage of Bosnia. This is a small country, but archaeologically rich. From the era of carelessness and abandonment, we must move into the era of respect of what generations before us have left us.

Of course, some activities of the foundation must be financed. By law it is regulated that it be done through sponsors and donations. On our official site, which will be in function starting next week, we will send an official appeal to institutions, companies and individuals from the whole world to join us in the excavation phase.

That way, everyone will have a chance to take part in the creation of history, and not just be a passer-by or even worse intruder or a critic. This is a project of us all, because it belongs to the Bosnian and European historical heritage.

11. Which team of experts will work on the excavations?

Core of the teams is as follows: In the geological supervision we have an experienced geologist Nadiju Nikic from Sarajevo, doctor of geological studies Stjepan Coric from the Austrian geological society, geologist Ibrica Peristija from Montenegro and young geologist Nedim Jukic from Tuzla.

In archaeological team we have Sead Pilav who graduated archaeology at the University in Sweden, Silvana Cobanov, who finished archaeology in Zadar and Sasa Jankovic who studied archaeology in Belgrade. Foreigners on our team include experienced archaeologist such as: Richard Royce from Australia, Allyson McDavid from U.S., Chris Mundligler from Canada, Martin Aner from Austria. List is not final and will change and will be expanded before the beginning of the spring work.

12. How long will the excavations last? And when do you expect that the parts of the pyramid will be seen by the naked eye.

For this year we planned excavations to last from the April 14th till October 29th of 2006. Considering that dozen of excavation sites where work will be done will be covered, it is best to come to the site of the excavation to see the cleaned pieces of stone tiles and walls of the pyramid and the tiles which make up the access plateau. Of course, in the latter phase, entry will be permitted to the center of the pyramid to the limited number of visitors in the tourist groups.

13. Do you have a support of the state?

Is it possible that Bosnian politics is step ahead on experts on something and that at the same time we all agree? Well you see, it is possible! Bosnian pyramids have united all levels of government showing political maturity starting with Visoko municipality, Ze-Do Canton, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which lately ordered that all construction on Visocica be stopped while the research work is ongoing and that the area be pronounced on national interest.

14. Which is the tallest pyramid and how tall is it? Could Bosnian pyramids be compared to the Egyptian (size, age, shape...)?

Unofficially, the tallest is the White pyramid in China which is between 250 and 300 meters tall. Keeps' pyramid in Egypt is 146 meters tall. Pyramid of the sun in Teotihuacán is half that size. Estimation (until official results in April) is that the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun is 220 meters tall and far taller than the one in Egypt. Area is twice the size of the Egyptian and the Mexican. Regarding the age, there is more and more evidence that the main pyramid complex were built right before the end of the last Ice age, indicating that there was world wide plan for building these monuments.

15. What effect will this discovery have on the European and World history?
European history is changing in its core. Hundreds of meters of stone tiles from the center of Bosnia will send a warning signs to historians and ask of them to rewrite the history books.

16. We wish you all the best in your work with a wish to prove to everyone the existence of pyramids and to increase by that historical and tourist value of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Thank you for your interest and encouragement. All the best to you and your readers who were patient enough to read all the answers.

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